How can You lease a car even with your bad credit


You have to provide proof of your employment along with agreeing to a credit check. There are certain papers that you can use to show your proof of income when visiting a leasing company and they include:

  • Your pay stubs to prove that you have a steady course of income
  • W-2s from preceding tax year at least
  • The leasing company might need to contact a reference just to make sure you are no type of credit risk
  • All your current bills to ensure that you will be able to make payments on your lease while taking care of your other monthly expenses.

Credit effect on leasing

You need a certain credit score in order to be qualified for a lease. You are still capable of getting a lease if you have a low credit score, but you will still be able to get one. You might be required to pay more in down payment and higher payments monthly.

How to get a lease without credit?

There are a few options available to those that have no credit history to get a car lease. Once you get a lease it will help you with your credit history. The payments you make on your lease helps in establishing credit. This will help you get a better rate of interest and maybe lower payments on your next lease.

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