How can You lease a car even with your bad credit


Larger down payment

This might make you look better in the eyes of leasing company when you are willing to make a bigger investment in a vehicle.

A co-signer

Getting someone to co-sign your loan makes it easier to get a lease

Take over an existing lease

This is another way to get a lease without credit, you can take over someone else’s lease. The car company will still do a credit check on you, but it is more likely you will get that lease. This usually happens when someone is about to default on their lease. This is why you are likely to get the lease with low credit or no credit.


Regardless of high or low monthly payment, getting a car lease is still the best way to getting a new car. It will help you with your credit as long has you make the payments and on time and it is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new car.

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