Is gold investment a good idea?


You have to decide how you really intend to purchase gold. Do you intend to devote somewhere in your house to storing gold? You are going to need better security and the overall process could lead to nothing but headaches.

What to do?

Gold is not a necessity for a diverse portfolio that is capable of providing over time. There are better ways of dealing with the fear about the state of the world, if it makes you a bit anxious.

You could always buttress one of your highest yielding accounts to provide for yourself another month of funding. You could also pay down card debt or increase the mortgage you pay monthly. All of these options are better than to invest in gold.

If you are really interested in gold you should only invest about ten percent of your assets and you need to purchase exchange-traded fund with a low cost. This includes SPDR Gold Shares which provide an expense ratio of approximately 0.4 percent.

An ETF is a much better option seeing as how you will only need to worry about the price and not about its safety. SPDR Gold Shares not only owns their own gold, but they also store it.

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