Keep your credit card away in these situations


Having a credit card definitely has its perks. You can get cool rewards like redeemable points in stores and free airline miles.

The best thing about credit cards is the protection that it gives the user. This could save you from paying for longer warranties, hotel and rental deposits, and fraudulent charges made with your stolen credit card information or if you ever receive subpar services you’re not happy with.

But you also have to consider that there are some situations where using a credit card wouldn’t be advisable.
Paying cash and using your debit card could come in handy too, you know.

Buying stuff just to get the points

One of the reasons why credit cards are so popular is because of the rewards you can get. But if you’re justifying your purchase just with the rewards you’re going to get from it, then that becomes unreasonable.

What you have to remember is that chasing a small cash back or getting free cheap items is not worth what you’re spending overall.

Buying something online off an obscure website with a strange currency

Avoid buying things from online stores that aren’t from the US. If you can help it, just stick to household names like Amazon, which will serve as the middle man if you ever need to purchase anything from overseas.