Keep your credit card away in these situations


When you’re trying to apply for a mortgage

You should probably stow away your credit card for the time being while you’re applying for a mortgage.

More often than not, lenders will not qualify you if you have large credit balances.

When you’re trying to apply for a better job

If you’re planning to move up the corporate world and are looking around to see if you qualify for higher positions, you might also want to keep your credit card purchases to a minimum during this time.

Big companies usually do an extensive background check past the entry level, which includes checking your credit score.
While a big part of maintaining your credit score involves using it and paying the balances off consistently, you don’t want to invite the danger of incurring a debt you can’t pay off.

When you pay your taxes

Contrary to popular belief, you can pay your taxes with a credit card.

But it’s not advisable for you to do this because the rewards (cash back) that you get will definitely not be worth the extra fees that you will incur from the interest charges.
You will end up paying more than what you have to. This will also up your credit utilization, which lowers your credit score.