6 Steps How I Paid off $97,000 in Student Loans in 4 Years

  • I started to earn more money. Now, this is easier said than done,but most of us do tend to earn more money as we develop our skills as we are in a career for a longer period of time. For you it might mean charging your clients more money or leveraging another job to get a raise, you know, you’re always going to be taking a risk when you try to bump up your salary or your income, but it’s worth it. In order to grow.
  • Be patient, I was really anxious in the beginning. I just wanted to get to the finish line before putting in any of the work,but getting out of debt is a process, and short burst of inspiration and motivation aren’t going to carry you through the entire way. So you had to relax and let myself be patient.
  • I continued to read one personal finance book peryear.
  • So this is really important because these days I know pretty much everything there is to know about personal finance, reading one book a year, just keeps my priorities straight. It keeps me on course when my spending decisions have gone a little bit out of line.

    Within four years , I completely paid off all my debt. I can’t really tell you what that allows me to do. It just gives me the freedom to take on projects that only excite the hell out of me. I’m able to travel across the country on a whim move to a different city.