Six prudent ways to Help You Avoid More Student Loans Debt


Take a Full course

Every semester brings about recurring fees.  Therefore, if you can minimize the semesters you study towards attaining your degree, you will save a lot in costs. In fact, you will have an opportunity to start earning a professional salary much sooner. Consequently, you will ease the burden of accumulating student loans that you need to complete college education.

Be Economical

If you really need to avoid more student loan, then you should embrace living sparingly. This does not mean that you should skip meals or take such measures. Absolute not. It means embracing a frugal living by being less wasteful and be more resourceful. Make the most out of what you have and look for ways to minimize expenses. For instance, live with your parents or share costs with a roommate.

More importantly, use the school resources availed for students. If your school fess includes free gym access, then you do not have to pay for a membership. Similarly, consider walking to school or using a bike instead of fueling your car. If you can buy or rent used textbooks, the better. Cutting back on spending and stuff may not be fun. But if it makes your college education more affordable, then it is worth doing.

Seek cheaper alternatives

Maybe at the moment, you have already taken significant amounts of money as a student loan. If you need to take out more to see you through the university, then it is time to evaluate if you can really afford to continue your education in the current university. If switching schools can save you some money for your university education, then it is a move worth taking.

Some universities have more prestige and are relatively more expensive than others. Look if there are cheaper universities which offer the same degree program you are pursuing. If you can’t afford the education in the current university, then look for cheaper alternatives. However, when considering shifting to a school that is more price friendly, ensure you do your due diligence.

Get the right student loans

If taking more student loan is the last resort then ensure you take the right loans. Be wary of loans from private lenders. These private loans accrue high-interest rates and varying fees.  However, federal loans have relatively lower and fixed interest loans.

Similarly, for federal loans repayment periods and accruing interest start after graduation. On the other hand, private lenders may start charging interest immediately after you receive the money. Even worse you might be required to start paying the loans sooner.

If you run into troubles, there are several options for repaying federal loans. However, you should only settle for an additional debt if you have no choice.


If you are looking for ways to avoid accumulating more student loans, there are varieties of options to choose from. Before settling on a specific method, choose an action plan and understand the benefits. This is because every action has a consequence. Use this tips and you will be glad you did.