4 simple ways to have better money skills in 2019


Don’t be discouraged if the stock market is not looking great

Following the stock market and seeing how well or poorly your investments are doing can be addictive. That’s one of the first things I check right when I wake up.

It’s also pretty easy to get carried away when there are dramatic shifts in the market. If you know what I’m talking about, it probably makes you anxious.

But Warren Buffett himself said that the best thing to do when the market tanks is to not be bothered by it.

Fluctuations in the market shouldn’t alarm you because it’s all about the long game with you invest. If you invest in good, solid, reputable companies, they’ll be fine 30 or 40 years from now.

Panic causes a lot of people to sell their stocks and usually they come to regret it. This is why you shouldn’t base your decisions on impulse and emotion.

Know that you need a perfect credit score

Everyone knows that a good credit score is needed to get the rates on loans and mortgages. But good doesn’t mean perfect.

So let go of your anxiety about trying to reach that 850. Once you’re past 760, you’re in the clear and you should be approved for whatever you apply for.

If you obsess about having a perfect credit score, that would be a colossal waste of time. Go for excellent, which is anything higher than 750. Once you’re there, you’re golden.

Avoid being debt

Sometimes it might be necessary to take out a loan or borrow some money. But don’t overdo it and don’t let yourself be in debt for long periods of time.

Not only will this hurt you financially, it takes a toll on your mental health too. If you’re in debt right now, do whatever you can to get out of it. If you’re debt-free, do whatever you can to stay out of it.

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