Best Credit Card with No Fee Annually 


Credit Cards with zero annual fees are becoming popular and convenient these days. You reap and rewards just from using them, and you don’t even have to worry about annual fees. We’re sharing our top picks below.


Citi Double Cash


Citi Double Cash is a very simple, straightforward card. You can earn a cash back of 2% on your purchases. You get the 1% upon purchasing and the other 1% when you pay your bill. You just have to pay a minimum balance to earn on your purchases payments if you have to carry a balance.


A very minor drawback that we can see on this card is, you would need to earn $25 on cashback before your rewards can be redeemed.


A few tips on zero-fee Credit Cards


  • Make sure that you fully understand the features and benefits of the card as well as any drawbacks if any.


  • Before opening your card account, review the card’s security benefits. (Chase gives its cardholders extended benefits and high-quality protection, but their fees for
  • foreign transactions are higher compared to other credit cards with no annual fees.)


  • A great card to use overseas is the Discover it Cash Back as it has no fees for foreign transactions.


  • Chase or Citi, with their cash back incentives, are perfect for your purchases locally.


Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom is a very flexible card with bonus categories that can be rotated.

For every purchase, you earn a cash back of 5%. For every $1 of the combined purchases of $1500 maximum in each quarter’s bonus categories, you earn 5 points.

There is also an unlimited cash back of 1% on all the other purchases.


If the cardholder’s charges on the card reaches $500 within three months after opening an account, he will receive a bonus of $150.


You can also combine your earned points in your Chase Freedom Card with your Ink Business Preferred Credit Card or Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. Those combined points can be used to book free travels in their very own Chase portal, or you can use the points with the Ultimate Rewards transfer partners.