Try to pay more amount of EXCESS:

If you can spend more amount of EXCESS in the event of a claim, you can avail more discounts. This also reduces your monthly premium as you are paying extra.

Know your payment options:

You can know premiums in two ways- annual lump sum and Monthly direct debit. There are a couple of payment options that are available to you: a yearly lump sum or monthly direct charge. Generally, it is a common practice to pay it in monthly direct debit as it does not create a lump sum burden. However, for this also Insurance providers charge six to eight percent charges. However, you can check with your insurer what payment option you will be eligible for.

Check if you can get any loyalty discounts:

Very commonly, most of us need multiple insurance products, and this can prove to be a significant advantage as it will result in cuts on premium amounts.

Nearly 5 to 10 percent of the original price is given as a discount.

Check the duration of the quote:

An Insurance quote generally varies anywhere between 1 to 30 days. Since the term is small, it is always better to check with the provider the due date of your quote. As the rates of Insurance increased of late, it is a golden opportunity to grab a chance to lock the bargain at once.

Are online policies cheaper?

In most cases, online policies are cheaper as they carry no operation and running costs. There is more scope for discounts on online discounts. For something as crucial as Insurance, it is a worth try. Try going online if you are a bit scared about premium prices.