Best ways to pay off house loans at an early age


I planned well and paid off my house loan at an early age. This is the reason I was always asked how I managed to pay off the loan? I use to make fun by telling me I won a lottery. But that is not true. It is true that I am a normal guy, but when it comes to paying off the house loan, I had not so normal but very big goals.

My mortgage was around $223,000, and by the help of my wife, I could manage to pay it off when I was 30. So, today, our life is filled with freedom and adventure, and we are living a happy life along with our four kids. We followed certain strategies to succeed in this. Most of the things I mention here, which I followed were just common sense and nothing else. I am a big example, and hence you can understand that they all work.

Paying off the mortgage and making a dedication as key

When it comes to achieving a certain goal, dedication is the key, and it plays a major role. This is true even in the case of paying off the mortgage. One must not have a goal or dedication on paying off a mortgage to get a paid off house. It is not like that; they should understand that what they can get in the future by paying off the mortgage. So, I had dedication in paying off the mortgage because we understood that what it can do for my family and me.

When I started with debt free journey, we had two kids. We always spent a lot of time with them. Since we paid off the loan so early, it made possible us to spend more and more time with our kids, and the good thing is we knew this when we formed dedication and started with mortgage repayment.

One must understand that when they have a paid off house, their career, business decisions, and work will be free from stress. This is because there will not be any worry about keeping some amount towards the mortgage. This is the reason we preplanned, and after paid off the mortgage, we started spending a lot of time with our kids. Paying off the mortgage will bring freedom, which was missing for a long time. So, we formed dedication by thinking all these, and we succeeded in that.


It is very important to focus on both energy and time on a goal. Good things will automatically come to us when we follow this. So, when we focus on something that should be our number one priority. This is the kind of focus which helps in pushing things off to a side which do not matter. This also helps in keeping things moving, which matters like a house mortgage.

The things are nothing but ones like little sacrifices which we must make and they are the ones which help in achieving our goal. Some of such sacrifices can be trips, lunches, visit Wal-Mart, or it can even be cutting cable. These are the small things but when neglected, can dime us to death.

There are many big things as well, which are luxurious, and they tempt everyone. Some of them are expensive vacations, boats, new cars. Avoiding them doesn’t mean that we have to live like a bum. We can have a lot of fun as well. By planning properly, we also go on vacations when we are playing our mortgages. The most important thing is always trying to be smart and cut on things which eat a lot of your amount. Remember that once the mortgage is paid off, you are free and you can plan vacations every month.


In case if you are not interested in making sacrifices, it is not easy to hit big goals like paying off the mortgage. Along with being dedicated and focused, one must also be ready to give up things easily. Then only it becomes easy to hit big goals.

Big goals may sometime demand to sacrifice your old lifestyle as well for some time. It may demand you to work hard so that you can earn some extra money. So, in my case, I sacrificed so many long days, even nights for increasing the income. When we need to reach for something greater, we have to do all these, and then only we can succeed.